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"VoIP Connect offers the services and solutions that businesses need to get connected to their customers and each other."
— Bryan K., President of VoIP Connect

Network Firewall Implementation
NEW - Featuring Dell Sonicwall

Custom Application Development

Moblie Device Offerings
Fall 2016

Fiber Optic Bandwidth Offerings
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Fully Mobile Business Phone Solution
NEW - Featuring NEXTIVA

VoIP Connect is a proud reseller and authorized partner of Brighthouse Networks now Charter Cable, Frontier Communications, Comcast, WOW! Business, Star2Star Communications, Nextiva and Dell communication solutions PLUS many more

Fiber Optic Broadband ~ Cable Broadband ~ DSL ~ 4G Hotspots and more

Contact VoIP Connect to get free quotes from all the top providers in your area.  You get to:
  • Save time and hassel from contacting different providers to get quotes
  • Have someone with YOUR interest in mind coordinating with the ISP
  • Rest easy, knowing an expert made sure your needs were covered
  • Discover providers you may not even know serviced your area
  • Ask all the questions you want and get onsite consulting if you want it
  • Enjoy all these benefits at no extra charge, you pay the same without us.